who we are

Being in the Travel and Tourism industry today offers great challenges because of the complexities of the changes happening around us. Because of those changes, and as customers and end-users tend to have shifts in their wants and sometimes needs, what was called value added services before, has become, with time, part of the core product. We at Nadia Travel & Tourism are aware of this need for flexibility in operations and have our customer's satisfaction as target number one throughout all our performances and activities. We therefore offer everyday value to our customers, which enables us to position ourselves today as one of the best low-cost flight & package agencies offering the best travel-relatedservices at all times.


Whether you are an individual setting out to explore on your own, or a couple ready to take the first step of matrimony, we have exciting packages and honeymoon customized tours to suit your everyday need. Proving to be the most popular organizers and managers of civil marriage and "charter flights" from/to Bulgaria, Sharm El Sheikh and many other destinations, is one example of the many accomplishments we've reached throughout the last years.


So join us, Nadia Travel & Tourism today, and we promise to "do what we can, with all what we have, and give you the best that you deserve... and as always we'll be proud to serve you..." 

The services that we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Ticketing
  • Charter flights
  • Hotel booking
  • Holiday management
  • Tailor made packages
  • Civial Mariage
  • Car rental
  • Local tours
  • Visa arrangement 
  • Cruise booking
  • Villa rentals
  • Travel Insurance

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.